Friday, May 3, 2013

My New Galaxy S4!

I love having a new phone! It's funny how on July 1 I finally got my hands on the Galaxy S3 and EXACTLY 10 months later on May 1, I now have the S4. Many thanks to my awesomely nice bf for getting it for me <3

I was still loving my baby S3 even though a new one was coming out, [which of course I wanted but wasn't really expecting to get it as soon as it came out] except there was a small problem with the texting on my phone that I just could NOT fix which made me want the S4 even more.

The bigger screen barely makes a difference appearance-wise but watching Youtube on it is just heaven!
I'm not into super large screens so this one is perfect for me.

I also LOVE that the S4 is thinner and slightly lighter...? It definately feels less rounded and more square, like a bar of chocolate and I love how it feels in my hand.

I love seeing them next to each other. They are best friends. 
I am just having a blast using the S4 right now and will probably love it until another new phone comes out.
Just bought the Zagg Invisible Shield in HD yesterday =D
Waiting for the case to come in the mail in a week or so, super excited! 

My sister has a Galaxy S2 so here are all 3 side by side! 

Look at how they progressively got bigger as time went on lol 


  1. haha it's intesting how they get bigger vs smaller.. Yay for your new phone!!

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  2. I can feel your excitement over your new phone! You're indeed one lucky girl to have a boyfriend who buys you awesome gadgets! I see you're not planning to sell your old (but practically still new) phone anytime soon, am I right? Well, it's your call. While others sell their old phones for cash, there are others like you who love to collect them. I guess it's all about whatever suits you more. Congratulations!
    Joanna Daniels @ TechPayOut.com


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